Alberto Del Rio on If He’d Sign CM Punk to Combate Americas

Former WWE Superstar and new President of Combate Americas mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion Alberto Del Rio was recently a guest on The Roman Show. You can check out some highlights from his appearance here:



On CM Punk:

“He had the cojones to transition from pro wrestling to MMA I know a lot of people say he didn’t do well, but he did well and it was his first fight and first experience, especially in the biggest MMA organization in the world. It wasn’t an easy fight for CM Punk. I think he needs to do it again. He needs to train and learn from that first fight. He will come back even better.”

On if he’d sign Punk in Combate Americas:

“I would love to have him fight for this organization or any fighter with talent. They are welcomed to come and fight. They have my number and I’ll give them a job.”

On balancing MMA and pro wrestling:

“It’s going to be difficult but not impossible. My main priority will be Combate Americas. But I will be wrestling maybe once a week. I won’t do as much as I was doing in the other company. I want to make this company a big one.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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