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Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio is a controversial figure in the world of professional wrestling, but he remains an accomplished athlete nonetheless. Despite losing many of his fans, the former four-time world champion, two-time WWE United States Champion, and 2011 Royal Rumble winner has been working hard on his physical fitness and recently shared a video on Twitter to show off his progress.



In the video, Del Rio appears to be in peak physical condition with a muscular build and chiseled abs. His ripped physique is the result of a rigorous training regimen that likely includes strength training, cardio, and proper nutrition. Del Rio’s focus on building strength and power is evident and will undoubtedly enhance his performance in the ring.

Despite his controversial past and strained relationship with WWE, Del Rio is confident that he will one day be inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame. However, it seems unlikely that he will return to WWE anytime soon.

Del Rio’s dedication to his fitness and his impressive physical transformation are a testament to his hard work and commitment. While his future in professional wrestling may be uncertain, there is no denying that Del Rio’s training video showcases a strong and formidable athlete.