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Was Alberto Del Rio Lying About Why He Missed the AAA Event?

As we previously reported, Alberto Del Rio claims to have been stabbed which is why he was a no show for his scheduled appearance at an AAA event according to his statement on Instagram.

One fan on the Lucha Blog (username thecubsfan) makes quite an interesting point that some things still don’t quite add up in Del Rio’s story:

The longer version of this story explains a few things that were unclear before, but there are things in the story that don’t quite add up to me. It’s explained Alberto didn’t contact AAA until the next morning because he lost his phone, but the report both has Alberto never getting that far away from his car (and phone?), and Alberto’s mentioned as wanting to charter a plane to Monterrey to make the show (but still couldn’t contact AAA?) Alberto is able to fight off and disarm a knife wielding maniac with his superior fighting skills, which is super hero stuff right there, but then maniac somehow just gets back in his car and leaves without anyone stopping him. There’s no details about attack or the car that hit Alberto, and there’s no news stories about this outside of the wrestling media that I can find. I know local newspapers are not in great shape, but Alberto is a celebrity who just got stabbed, an article about it would sell a few papers.

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin did some digging of his own into the matter, having spoke with San Antonio PD who state that they haven’t had any stabbing incidents all week:

Your thoughts?

  • D2K

    Well, in WWE he definitely would not be, but I don’t know how they handle things down there.

  • D2K

    I would agree that there is definitely more to this story than what we have been told.

  • oppa

    If he went to the hospital, most likely there would have been a police report. Also, it was said that there were bystanders who took down the plates of the guy who fled. How none of them called 911 after a stabbing makes no sense. Something’s being covered up here.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    He also said he would not miss any other upcoming shows, which implies he would need virtually no time to heal and/or assumes he would be given a clean bill of health almost immediately… that was the thing I found odd. There are a lot more details about Jamie Noble getting stabbed, compared to ADR… just sayin.

  • Will Henderson

    it was either a rage rage incident that went unreported or occurred in another city/town in the San Antonio area or was something else not road rage related like domestic violence between him and Paige and she’s the abuser in this case. so it could be possible Paige stabbed him out of domestic violence after a nasty argument, we may never know. this story keeps evolving.

  • The Killswitch

    The knife wounds also appear very odd.

  • D2K

    That’s a pretty extreme conclusion to jump to. One would think that it will be pretty easy to see the scars once he does get back in the ring. This is a story that should have been kept to itself.