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Alberto Del Rio: Most people in WWE are pu**ies

Former WWE Superstar and current Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron (a.k.a. Alberto Del Rio) recently posted a series of Periscope videos in which he bashed his former employers at the WWE. Del Rio said he was thankful that he no longer worked for ‘that PG company’ and stated that those who work there are “a bunch of p*ssies” – including “the one with the big nose”:

You can watch the video at this link.

  • jack

    silly guy. compete in MMA and be a champion if you want people to think you are a tough guy. otherwise don’t even bother because its lame.

  • CC

    Bad experience or not with WWE, this just comes across as playground name calling. Guy needs to grow up.
    Maybe this is why he is dating a girl half his age, because mentally he is barely out of his teens himself.

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  • Arnold Jackson

    The guy was drinking and talking trash. To be fair this isn’t the first time he said that particular statement.

  • ROB-1.



    Hey Del Rio you are welcome to never darker WWEs doors ever again. Stay in TNA and when that ship finally sinks it will be you calling up HHH begging to come back and job out to roman reigns !!