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Alberto Del Rio reveals details about the incident which led to his firing from WWE in 2014

Alberto El Patron

It’s a well-known fact that Alberto Del Rio, now better known by the name Alberto El Patron was unexpectedly released by WWE back in 2014 due to unprofessional conduct.

However, while there are stories about Del Rio slapping a WWE Employee which led to his firing, not much is known about the whole incident or why it took place.

During his recent appearance on Keeping It 100 With Konnan, the former WWE Star finally revealed some details on the incident including the comment from the employee which led to it.

According to the former WWE Champion at first after it happened, he was told that everything was going to be fine and that he needed to control his temper:

“WWE actually said that everything was going to be fine. They said that they know and understand that he crossed the line, but they did tell me that I know that I needed to control my temper. My response was that it is just not easy to do that. It is easier said than done, especially when you have a guy who isn’t bringing any money in by taking any bumps, or sweating and bleeding for this company, he’s just a Social Media guy and comes to disrespect me and my family; disrespect my culture at the place where I was born,”

Continuing on the topic, the former Impact Champion also revealed the controversial comment which started the whole thing and eventually led to his release:

“I’m not saying that I am the toughest guy or anything like that, but everyone knows that I can go, and it was a known fact within the company that I am a respectful person, and that I respect everyone. I just don’t know why this guy thought he can make such a stupid comment where he said that this is why we have Mexicans to clean the plates, and I thought, what? Everyone knows that when I talked to the important people in the company they told me that everything was going to be fine, just go and shake hands.”

  • Arnold Jackson

    OMG maybe Anutosh is actually Vince McMahon?!? This would explain SO MUCH! Who else would feel like they could fight with his audience and expect them to just take it without criticism? It also explains the derogatory articles about women as well! I think you are on to something.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I’m not condoning it or anything BUT we do know racism has been in the WWF/E for many many years and Vince himself is out of touch, so on one hand I do say Kudos to Del Rio for stepping up however he could have handled it better. Imagine if Mark Henry did that to Michael Hayes after being called the n word

  • CC

    You name me one job where anyone saying they cannot control their anger management issues, and would not be viewed as a bad thing. Hell, most jobs would have let him go.

  • CC

    But apparently we did not know this … It is almost like Anutosh thinks we are as forgetful as WWE thinks fans are as well.

  • Thomas Murray

    probably not given Brook was most likely at home

  • Arnold Jackson

    Didn’t you know that this is what counts as news around here now? Articles about things everyone knew about four years ago.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Yup…. exactly as it WAS reported. I remember the slapping comment and why. Mexi-America isn’t liked in the WWE, why do you think the WWE has very little talent from that country…?

  • Keith Learmonth

    Sounds to me like, stupid as it is, he probably would’ve kept his job if he’d just said “You know what? I’ll do better with my anger issues”. Vince is a control freak. I’ll bet the last thing he wanted to hear was “But I can’t really control it”

  • gjw

    I remember hearing a story about Del Rio from about 8 months ago or so. Apparently WWE were in town for RAW and Del Rio said that if anybody from WWE walked into his resaurant that he owned at the time then he was going to beat the ish out of them. I wonder what Del Rio would have done if Lesnar had walked in !

  • CC

    “while there are stories about Del Rio slapping a WWE Employee which led
    to his firing, not much is known about the whole incident or why it took
    So not much is known, but then Del Rio tells the story and it is EXACTLY what was reported at the time. so how is “not much known about the whole incident”?