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Alberto Del Rio says door is open for WWE return

Alberto El Patron

Alberto Del Rio, better known as Albert El Patron has not been wrestling for a long time now since he is more focused on his family and running Combates America. However, it seems that the door is open for a future WWE return.

While speaking to Super Luchas, the former World Champion said that he and WWE are on far better terms now, despite saying a lot of bad things about Triple H and he might make a return to WWE as the door is open for him.

“Now everything is normal with them, I apologized and shook hands, even with Mr. Levesque, with whom I do not agree on many things, especially how things ended and how they were done, but I should never have crossed the line and disrespect him. A man can only be called a man by admitting his mistakes. I lived a very difficult stage in my life: 1 year and 2 months in which I had to win the most difficult battle of my life that was against myself.”

“Returning to WWE before retiring is not a question of whether they want to or I want to return. Neither I hope nor want to return nor do they expect me to return or want me to return. But the two of us have had approaches, especially to make the peace, which opens the door to the fact that before I hang up my boots I can have some last matches in WWE. I clarify it: neither they beg me, nor I beg them. It’s just that the door is open for a future.”

If Alberto ever does return, we wonder how WWE will use him again. We will provide updates regarding Alberto Del Rio’s WWE status if we get to know more.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • jUAN.T

    Christian all over again! Start WWE go TNA come back WWE then gone

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    No thanks, never liked him.

  • CC

    This guy is off his rocker. All the crap he spouted about WWE and especially HHH, and he thinks that an apology would clear everything up and they would re-sign him?
    He was trouble when he was there and he was even more trouble after he left.

    And lets not even discuss all the crap he still spouts about Paige as well.

  • The Random Reader

    Alberto Del Stinko you suck!!!!

  • JAckh45

    Stay away…. PLEASE….