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Alberto Del Rio takes shot at WWE after Slammiversary went off air

Alberto Del Rio

After tonight’s Slammiversary PPV went off air, former WWE Star Alberto Del Rio took another shot at his former employers by cutting a promo.

According to the reports from PWinsider, after cameras stopped rolling, Lashley went to shake the hand of Del Rio, who is now known, Alberto El Patron.

After shaking hands, Alberto who had a mic cut a promo and said he and Lashley beat each other’s asses for over 30 minutes in the main event of the show. Later he said that he should shake Lashley hand every day.

After this, the former WWE Champion mentioned how he has been wrestling for 19 years and noted that he has worked for numerous companies in this timespan.

Then he mentioned WWE and called them a “That f***ng company full of losers.” Later he said that he would be happy to fight Lashley again because they are fighters and not “F***ing sports entertainers.”

Here is a┬ávideo of Alberto’s promo:

While it’s fair to say that Alberto Del Rio was treated badly by WWE in his final days with the company, many believe that he should stop commenting on them now.

What do you think of Del Rio’s latest comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section

  • Arnold Jackson

    He did his time, let him say what he wants. He has earned that right but it brings up the question if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

  • jedi


  • D2K

    You can almost hear the Looney Tunes-theme playing whenever this guy opens his mouth. We are not so obtuse. We know that you really want to be in WWE, but don’t want to put up with the McMahon family. We get it, now shut up and move on.

    We have.

  • Chad Boswell

    Match was 18 mins. Del Rio exaggerating again.

  • pitfallharry219

    I’m sure all 200 people that watched this live and the 12 who watched on PPV really enjoyed his promo.

  • CC

    More bitter comments from Del Rio, surprise surprise.
    Some needs to de-sand his vagina.