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Alberto El Patron currently involved in lawsuit over Karaoke Bar incident

Alberto El Patron just keeps digging deeper and deeper into trouble. Pro Wrestling Sheet‘s Ryan Satin reported today that the former Impact/WWE Champion is currently entangled in a lawsuit involving a brawl at a karaoke bar.

Back in November 2016, Alberto El Patron was involved in an incident with a man named Alex Pardo. PWS obtained Pardo’s claim, which stated:

While returning to his table from the restroom, Plaintiff noticed the Defendant, JOSE ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ, flashing his rear end to the other patrons in the establishment. Upon returning to his seat, which was close in proximity to that of the Defendant’s, an altercation broke out and the Defendant and the individuals that were present with the Defendant began to assault the Plaintiff, ALEX PARDO. As a result, Plaintiff had to receive immediate medical attention and was transported to the hospital by means of EMS for further examination.

Alberto has shared his side of the story, claiming that Pardo’s group harassed the woman who he was dating at the time, assumedly Paige, for pictures. The situation escalated from there.

[Alberto] attempted at this time to resolve the issue without conflict and while he did exchange words with the people celebrating with the 19-year-old Patricia at an adult establishment it the Counter-Defendant Alex Pardo who threw a glass at the Counter-Plaintiff’s head causing severe injury, including multiple lacerations. The entire group with the Counter-Defendant began a huge melee and the entire establishment was in a brawl. Counter-Plaintiff slowly rose to his feet only to be rushed again by the Counter-Defendant. The Counter-Plaintiff immediately protected himself and defended against the Counter-Defendant as it was necessary to protect himself and his companions against the Counter-Defendant’s use of unlawful force.

Alberto demands that Pardo pay $5,000 for his pain and suffering and to cover other legal fees. Pardo’s lawyer has abandoned the case, causing Pardo to miss a deadline in which he was required to produce certain documents.

At this time, Alberto’s lawyer has filed a motion for default judgement.

  • Soulshroude

    Your pathetic if you put the blame on Alberto. The blame should go to Pardo for throwing the glass, which in itself is called: assault with intent.

  • Steven Stevens

    I want to see what stupid crap he does next, how low can he go.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Good for Alberto. Sounds like even the guys lawyer, sees that he is in the wrong. Hope ADR gets what he wants!

  • Funny Farm Police

    This man needs to be put in a sanitarium for the rest of his life so he can’t hurt anybody, do anything stupid, or roll in anymore snow. He is a menace.