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Alberto El Patron says he will retire from wrestling in 2 years

Alberto El Patron

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, now better known as Alberto El Patron recently had an interesting interview with Sports Illustrated. During the interview, the former WWE star revealed that he is planning to retire from wrestling in 2 years:

“I’m planning on retiring in two years. I’m still good to go and I don’t have any major injuries, but I always promised myself I would leave on top. I started wrestling when I was eight years old with the amateur wrestling team in Mexico. I love the business with all my heart, but my body is getting tired. It’s all the travel. I’m going to do my last two years with Impact Wrestling.”

Talking about his future plans after his retirement, the former WWE Champion revealed a number of projects he is currently working on:

“I’ll continue to do some indie shows here and there, and I have a lot of projects outside the business. I am going to continue running Combate Americas, the MMA company that I work for, and I am going to start a soap opera in Mexico in two months. We also have a reality show produced by Combate Americas that was sold to Amazon. People should be able to see that in three more months. I opened a restaurant and bar in San Antonio in November.”

Apart from this, the current TNA star also talked about working with TNA and took a shot at his former employers i.e. WWE:

“I am so happy to work with Impact Wrestling. I have nothing but respect for them. Unlike another company, who I don’t watch, I don’t follow, and I don’t even look at their tweets. I have some real beef with some of the people in that company.”

The full interview can be read here

  • D2K

    Unfortunately I don’t think they will go away even when he retires. She may still be wrestling somewhere. Even if they don’t wrestle they will still manage to find ways to draw attention to themselves.

  • D2K

    His “brain” has been retired for years now. Bout time the rest of his body catch up.

  • CC

    “Unlike another company, who I don’t watch, I don’t follow, and I don’t even look at their tweets. ”
    And yet he constantly talks about them & posts about them. Somehow I think he cannot help himself, and reads and watches everything about WWE just so he can bitch some more.
    Here is a perfect guy that you felt sorry for how WWE treated him, but now start to maybe see why WWE did nothing with him.

    And on another subject, his whole life right now is a soap opera, so I guess the one he is gonna create is gonna be fairly easy to write 😉

  • TheFizPop

    Self projection here is a wonderful thing


    Best news i have heard all day ! Both him and Paige are both absolutely toxic

  • jedi