Alec Baldwin Humiliated By Trump With Photo

Former President Donald Trump is seemingly having the last laugh on some of his biggest haters. It is to be noted that some are bigger than the actor Alec Baldwin, who got lefty giggles when he played Trump on Saturday Night Live.



In Letters to Trump, which includes notes from world figures, politicians, and celebrities, Secrets has learned that Trump gives top billing to Baldwin’s gushy 1998 note to the New York real estate titan and former reality TV star.

Writing in his own hand and on a plain piece of paper, Baldwin praised Trump as a “sweet and generous man” and thanked the future president for comping him a penthouse suite in one of the Trump properties.

“Dear Donald,” Baldwin opened. “For a tough guy in a tough business, you are a sweet and generous man. I could never thank you sufficiently for the use of the incredible penthouse you ‘comped’ us. You’re a gentleman. Best, Alec,” he added.

The book is set for release April 25 by Winning Team Publishing and Trump included a note about Baldwin, who has been involved in the controversy over the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring of director Joel Souza on the set for Rust, a western.

“The young Alec Baldwin wanted to portray my life story in a movie, and every time I saw him, he would say it again and again: ‘I want to play your life story,’” Trump wrote in Letters to Trump.

“Little did I realize he was a bad seed and that he would play my life in a much different way, and with much less ability than he would have had as an actor versus a ‘comedian’ on Saturday Night Live,” added the former president.

Trump also referenced Baldwin’s shooting of live ammo on the Rust movie set in 2021, which led to two involuntary manslaughter charges the actor has pleaded not guilty to.

Trump wrote, “With time, I believe Alec became a psycho, a very sick puppy, and it is very hard to believe his story that he thought the gun was unloaded. In any event, I wish him well but I like the young Alec Baldwin — there is nothing good about what the clock has done to him.”

Letters to Trump, published by the firm headed by son Donald Trump Jr. and family friend and Trump associate Sergio Gor, has been a hit in prerelease sales. It is priced at $99, and a signed version is going for $399.

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