Aleister Black addresses criticism to the recent changes in his character

The recent changes to the character of Aleister Black since his heel turn have been a talking point among fans and they have received mixed reaction online



The former NXT Champion was recently interviewed by SportsKeeda where he talked about a number of things and also addressed the recent changes to his characters.

Black discussed the criticism over things like his new theme music and said that the fans have only heard it once and they have not heard it in a complete setting:

“I love it because it goes hand in hand with the new change. And, you know, the thing is like, you, you’ve only heard it once and you’ve not heard it in a complete setting. You’ve heard a rough version without the bells and whistles and the bells and whistles are very much coming.”

The former NXT star went on to claim that what we have seen so far is only 20% of what they are planning and advised fans to give it some time:

“What you saw was 20 percent of what it was supposed to be in terms of what we were planning on doing. So, you know, give it, give it some time.”

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