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Aleister Black took to Twitter recently to let it be known that he played a huge part in the training of Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny, of course, going from the music world to the world of professional wrestling where he has actually done remarkably well in both…Sasha Banks Launching New Wrestling Company?



Aleister Black stated on Twitter: “Me and Bo Dallas were there for his first day. Came prepared, came to observe, listen and partake. Not once gave up, not once complained. Dude is a hard worker in every aspect of his life. Completely understand why as an artist he’s so successful. No cutting corners anywhere.”

A very bold statement from Black himself about the work ethic of Bunny as well as a nod to how talented he (Black) and Bo Dallas are as we saw Bunny deliver not only high-flying moves, but also a great looking Canadian Destroyer during his first few weeks of his run.

Blacked finished by stating some other names that Bunny had also trained with as Black said: “Trained with Coach Smiley, Adam Pearce and Drew Gulak tirelessly. Every week showed up when we were also there.”

Music and professional wrestling go together more often than some may think as wrestling is often heavily referenced in pop culture and with people such as Cardi B hosting this year’s SummerSlam. Below, we’ve linked our current favorite song that mentions Smackdown and even features Sting in the video. Take a listen.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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