Aleister Black on possibly working with Zelina Vega

Aleister Black recently spoke with Rich Ucchino of Sportskeeda where the subject of his wife came up. Black and RAW’s Zelina Vega are married, and even have their own YouTube Channel, A to Z.



When asked if we could see the couple pair up on screen, Aleister Black said it wouldn’t make sense. At least, not now.

“I personally think that it makes no sense to put me and her together because Aleister Black and Zelina Vega don’t have anything in common. Uh, Tom and Thea, who are married, have everything in common, but the characters have literally no alignment with each other. So am I saying never, never, never, never? No, but right now it’s zero to none. Like, there’s nothing that’s going to happen that is going to put myself and Zelina Vega together.”

Zelina Vega recently stepped away from managing WWE Superstars to take a shot in the women’s division. A talented in-ring competitor in her own right, Vega looks to prove herself on RAW, or SmackDown should she be drafted.

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