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Aleister Black takes huge shots at top female Superstar

Aleister Black

Aleister Black is an extremely talented Superstar with an enigmatic gimmick that sits well with the fans. However, it seems like there’s another side to Black which currently seems much more vicious than his devastating finisher “Black Mass”.

Lana and her husband Rusev are not the quietest Superstars in the WWE locker-room and they’re often seen making bold statements on Twitter or on other platforms.

The Ravishing Russian responded to a tweet by Matt Hardy where Hardy expressed his excitement about teaming up with Aleister Black and Ricochet on this week’s SmackDown LIVE. Lana, obviously not thrilled by this, took shots at both the teams and called Black “insecure” and “ordinary” among other things.

Ironically, what followed next wasn’t so ordinary. Aleister Black responded to Lana by saying that her words are interesting for someone whose body is majorly “enhanced”.


  • Unos #1Fan

    Top female star lol

  • Kyle Abraham

    Wow is this title click bait! Lana is a “top female superstar?” She’s no better in the ring than Dana Brooke, and at least Dana is a legitimate athlete. The only thing Lana is on top of is, well, use your imagination…

  • what?

    Let’s see your moves

  • Soulshroude

    More freshly scripted storyline because Rusev can’t get a storyline on his own.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    She couldn’t be more wrong Aleister Black and Ricochet stole the show at Fastlane.

  • rob

    Well everything she said was true tho