Alexa Bliss Announces Personal Tragedy In Photo

Alexa Bliss has announced the death of her beloved grandmother in a new Instagram photo upload, as seen below.



Alexa Bliss’ former partner and Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James recently made an appearance on Ariel Helwani’s show and she spoke about her entry into the WWE Royal Rumble and how the deal emerged. She was shockingly announced in the upcoming 30-woman Royal Rumble match. Previously, a WWE star called Mickie James ‘dumb low life’.

Mickie James opens up on how the deal was done

James said she was approached a few weeks ago about the Rumble and labeled WWE’s move to bring a star from another promotion is quite historic as WWE has never done such a thing in the past. James also revealed that it was John Laurinaitis who initially reached out to Scott D’Amore about the deal.

James said that apologies were issued and she is on good terms with WWE after the trash bag incident when she was released last year. James was asked what her reaction was when she was told about WWE reaching out to Impact Wrestling. She revealed that she was shocked to hear the offer and apologies from WWE, she maintains a great relationship with WWE. She then revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon personally called her to apologize about the trash bag incident: James said that she didn’t know that her name would be announced on SmackDown until it happened.

She said:

Um, I was shocked. I think I was very shocked because I know it’s not really ever been done especially for the women and so and I think all things considered but I also feel like everyone from that camp has honestly, we’ve talked and there’s been apologies and all the things and so I still maintain a good relationship with everyone in that sense. And professionally, I just think it’s just something to be able to do and hopefully open the door for future possibilities of that as well. You know, so yeah, I think my knee jerk reaction was I was kind of shocked you know, because just it’s unheard of. And especially for me I was like oh really okay, um and so yeah, I don’t know It’s weird, right? It’s a weird place to be sitting.”

James will compete in the 30-Women Royal Rumble match. She could script history if she makes her entrance sporting the rival promotion’s IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship.

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