Alexa Bliss Breaks Silence On Missing Raw

The Fiend Bray Wyatt associate Alexa Bliss wasn’t on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, most likely due to the horrific personal reasons that she is dealing with. However, members of the WWE universe did take to social media via Twitter to display the fact they did miss Bliss’ presence on the red brand this past week and WWE’s resident ‘Goddess’ noticed. Alexa Bliss stalker ‘hacked emails’ were recently revealed



Bliss ended up hitting ‘like’ on both sets of tweets, one of which included a Disne1y princess gif with the caption: ” waiting for @AlexaBliss_WWE to appear on raw like.” and the other from outlet Cagesideseats which said: “Alexa Bliss save us.”

In other news regarding Alexa Bliss, she had the opportunity to interview her significant other Ryan Cabrera during an edition of her podcast late last year. She spoke about the experience and her relationship with Ryan during an interview with TVInsider.

“From day one since we’ve met, he has never had a filter. He doesn’t care. He’d rather be open and honest about the embarrassing things that have happened in his life. A lot of the stories we talk about I’ve already known. But to hear him talk about them and be ready for the world to hear them is actually really funny. We talk about how he would go door-to-door to sorority houses and play for them in hopes they would come to his show later. We talked about his encounters with celebrities. How embarrassing they were.”

Bliss continued: “We talk about a lot of fun stuff with Ryan. It’s definitely a different side of him than people see. The whole main point of the podcast is to talk about things that celebrities have not said in interviews. I know Miz for example, when we did his, he told me he has never told anyone these stories. I’ve gotten that a few times from people I’ve interviewed. That’s what is going to make it different. Stuff people don’t necessarily want to tell because they are embarrassing stories, but they tell them because they don’t want to keep them a secret their whole lives.” Alexa Bliss was recently hurt in photo before a kidnapping threat

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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