Alexa Bliss Cryptic AEW Message Revealed

Alexa Bliss just tweeted out a tweet that very well could cost her an ongoing career with WWE as fans are pointing out on the post. While this may just be speculation, it is almost a for sure in my opinion that Alexa Bliss was very tuned into AEW All Out as AEW brought the house down with the help of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Adam Cole, and Ruby Soho (Ruby Riot). Bliss’ tweet seems to allude to tonight’s AEW event. Adam Cole Huge AEW All Out Rumor Leaks.



On Twitter, Alexa tweeted a string of hearts on fire emojis which many fans alluded to that pointing towards her being proud of how great of a job Ruby Soho did with her debut on AEW All Out. One fan stated: “Yeah I think it was a tweet about Ruby Soho because Liv used the same emoji when she talked about Ruby.”

Soho won the Women’s Casino Battle Royale, which means that she now has a future shot at AEW Women’s World Title against Britt Baker. Her debut wasn’t just a pivotal moment for her, but the wrestling community from Alexa Bliss to Liv Morgan shared their best wishes to the star as everyone wants to see her succeed.

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