Alexa Bliss discusses the Attitude Era and turning heel

WWE RAW Women’s champion Alexa Bliss appeared on a recent edition of Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk Is Jericho, and spoke about being a heel, her graduation from NXT to the main roster, growing up as a wrestling fan, why she couldn’t watch most of the Attitude Era, and more.



Alexa Bliss (Alexis Kaufman) is a former 2-time SmackDown Women’s champion and the current RAW Women’s champ. The 25-year old debuted in NXT back in 2013 and made an immediate impact on the WWE’s main-roster following her blue-brand debut last year. Bliss is the only WWE Superstar to have won both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s titles.

‘Five Feet of Fury’ gave her take on being a heel, stating-

“It’s a lot of fun. Like when I first found out that I was going to be a heel I had really bad anxiety because the character I portrayed before that was very bubbly, very Princess, completely not relatable whatsoever, so when they told me I was going to turn heel I had very bad anxiety because I don’t know how to be mean and make someone hate me so I had anxiety over it. We would have heat drills inside the Performance Center and I would just stop and start crying. In heat drills, you practice being mean to somebody. You grab your opponent, put some heat on him, say something mean and just keep going. It’s a really cool drill, but I would just have really bad anxiety, but then once I got used to it it just became so much more fun.”
Besides, Li’l Miss Bliss elucidated on her transition from NXT to the WWE’s main roster-

“It’s like going from High School to College, for sure. It was really cool because it was kind of that moment when you realize what all that hard work over the years went into in developmental and just having that larger crowd was amazing. Adapting to the travel and the people; I loved having the girls on SmackDown. They were all so welcoming and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”

Furthermore, Bliss revealed that she grew up in a family filled with wrestling fans, and has watched the sport since the age of 6. She recollected that she’d once shown her mother the DX crotch-chop, owing to which her mom had her grounded, prohibiting Alexa from watching WWE. This incident apparently took place around the time of the Attitude Era however Bliss stated that she did, in fact, get to catch up on WWE at her grandma’s place.

The reigning queen of WWE’s red-brand also spoke about her love for hair-color, revealing that she’s been coloring her tresses since her schooldays.

One of the best workers of the mic, in WWE today, the sky is the limit for Miss Alexa Bliss, and you can count me as one of the millions of worshippers of the self-proclaimed Goddess of WWE. Long live the Wicked Witch!

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