Alexa Bliss discusses her strategy for dealing with “What” chants

Love or hate Alexa Bliss, the Goddess knows how to handle a microphone. The 5-time Women’s Champion has always been able to turn a crowd and has on more than one occasion quelled a “What” chant.



In a recent interview with Not Sam Wrestling, Bliss talked about having to tweak her promos so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard by any unwanted chants.

There have actually been times where I’m reading over what I’m gonna say and I say, ‘We need to change this because that opens it up for What chants.’ That’s come out of my mouth before. Multiple times being like, ‘Nope, can’t. This needs to continue this way because people are gonna say What and I have to be a smartass and say something back.’

You have to take control of the crowd, because there have been times when they have scared people. The Bayley: This is Your Life segment…the girl who was Bayley’s best friend, the crowd was yelling at her. She had this fear on her face, and I felt so bad for her because she didn’t know what to do. She just kept looking at me and I’d just say, ‘It’s okay. Just keep going. Don’t stop.’

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