Alexa Bliss ‘Disrespected’ On Plane With Boyfriend

Alexa Bliss is having a bad day. We all have days like that, but with her busy schedule and having to run into eager fans left and right, a bad day can turn into a horrible day when all of the puzzle pieces don’t fit correctly from sun up to sun down. Alexa Bliss ‘Angers’ Bray Wyatt Fans With Boyfriend.



Alexa Bliss recently took to Twitter to talk about her frustrations with the day at hand. Alexa tweeted out to her mass of followers: “Already a frustrating day & Delta is not making it easier.”

Obviously, both parties involved are not having the easiest time right now. Alexa’s life aside, Delta Airlines is having trouble trying to stay afloat and surely that is making a lot of the workers worry about their job security which may cause stress and tension which goes onto the customer (Alexa in this case) as well.

Sadly, we do not know exactly what happened as Bliss did not go into any further detail. Her mass of fans, however, did take to the comment section to do their best to console her in her having a rough day.

We hope that the coming days are better for Alexa and that she can get through this trying time.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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