Alexa Bliss Gone From WWE Raw?

There comes a time when we all need to slow down, shut off and recharge. Life on the road and within the world of professional wrestling is extremely harsh – harsher than many professions. Wrestler’s rarely ever sleep, they rarely eat regularly, and their bodies go through a tremendous amount of pain and injury. So, whenever you think you are stressed or burned out, think again. 

According to Ringside News, Alexa Bliss had a moment at the Royal Rumble where Uncle Howdy appeared after her match with Bianca Belair. A character change could be coming for the former Women’s Champion, and only time will tell how far this story goes on the road to WrestleMania. Now, we have a bit more word on this situation.



During an audio show on PW Insider’s Elite paywall, Mike Johnson discussed Alexa Bliss’ situation a bit. Uncle Howdy asked Bliss if she felt “in charge” at the Royal Rumble, then Bliss took her exit.

It was reported that Alexa Bliss hasn’t been backstage since the Royal Rumble event. She’s off television and taking a bit of a break. At this time, there is no word exactly how long her break will last.

Alexa Bliss is not injured, so that’s good news. She might have just needed a bit of time off the road, and that’s always good to avoid burnout. In the meantime, we’ll have to see when she returns, because it’s very likely that Alexa Bliss will have a much different character if her Royal Rumble exit was any indication of things.

So there you have it. It could be a while again before anyone sees Alex Bliss on WWE programming. But then again – maybe she’ll pop back up on AEW, or Impact Wrestling programming… 

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