Alexa Bliss Leaves Raw Early For Surprising Reason

Alexa Bliss faced off against Nikki A.S.H; Naomi and ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ Askua during tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. It was definitely an eventful edition of Raw for Bliss who started off things with a very special edition of Alexa’s Playground, hosting Doudrop and Eva Marie. While Doudrop seemed to be fairly friendly to Bliss, Marie stated that the “Evaluation’ deserves better than to be on the playground. Alexa Bliss’ surprising ‘illness’ recently stunned WWE fans.



This would lead to the aforementioned fatal four way contest which Doudrop and Eva Marie would crash. Doudrop would eventually beat up Bliss after it looked like Bliss would attack Eva Marie and was launched over the barricade by Doudrop. It was there and then when Bliss would supernaturally disappear from the show. Nikki A.S.H. would eventually win the match.

In other news regarding Alexa Bliss, fellow WWE female star, Liv Morgan would discuss how ‘inspirational’ the character of Bliss is during a recent interview with Digital Spy. Credit to the outlet for the below.

Alexa Bliss made this bold offer to this fired WWE star “I love what she’s doing,” Liv said. “It’s creative, it’s artsy, it’s dark, which are all things that I am drawn to. I definitely think maybe it makes others broaden their mind as to what we can and are able to, get away with. It’s inspirational in that aspect showing us we can think outside the box maybe a little bit more than we had anticipated.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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