Alexa Bliss Looks Different After Having Baby In Video

Alexa Bliss has undoubtedly established herself as one of the most reliable and headline-worthy female Superstars in WWE, showcasing her dedication and talent. Currently on a hiatus from WWE television due to her pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, the wrestling sensation recently made her first public appearance post-delivery.



In an exciting announcement, Alexa Bliss and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, shared the news of expecting a baby girl. The couple later revealed that their newborn daughter had been named Hendrix Rouge Cabrera, adding a touch of uniqueness to the joyous occasion.

After months of eager anticipation, Bliss welcomed her daughter into the world last month, accompanied by a fascinating coincidence. Fans celebrated this milestone with great enthusiasm, expressing their happiness for the wrestling star.

In a recently surfaced video circulating online, Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera were spotted attending a basketball game, marking Bliss’s first public appearance since giving birth. The footage captured her enjoying the game, exuding joy and contentment.

It’s worth noting that Bliss’s last WWE match took place at the 2023 Royal Rumble, where she competed against Bianca Belair for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. Despite her break from in-ring action, Bliss has expressed her intention to prepare for a swift return to wrestling. Fans eagerly await her comeback to the squared circle, anticipating her resumption of in-ring activities as soon as possible. As Bliss gears up for her return, the wrestling community is eager to witness her continued success and captivating performances in the world of WWE.

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