Alexa Bliss Match ‘Sabotaged’ By Bray Wyatt Fans

Bray Wyatt fans chanted ‘We Want Wyatt’ during Alexa Bliss vs. Doudrop on WWE Raw. Lily winked at Doudrop, costing her the match. We’re not kidding.



WWE recently handed the edict that big changes are coming to NXT. The roster is set to get several releases, and it will be restructured, after main roster releases like Bray Wyatt upset the network. It turns out USA Network isn’t too happy about this call.

USA Network is unhappy with NXT changes

USA Network gave a Tuesday night primetime slot for two hours of the black and gold brand. Now NXT is releasing shorter wrestlers over 30. Some of the most talented performers on the brand fit that description. Is WWE Going To Fire Roman Reigns?

Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast’s Andrew Zarian tweeted out two posts to explain how USA Network sees this decision. It’s not that they’re angry, but they are “disappointed.” As we all know, that can sometimes be worse.

“Hearing a lot of chatter from USA Network higher-ranked reps regarding the releases from NXT. Personally, I’m disappointed with how this is going. The perception from many is that these upcoming changes will be negative. Perception means everything especially when you are working with partners who are not pro wrestling fans and don’t have deep knowledge of the talent.In reality are the changes coming to NXT a bad thing? Time till tell.”

We will see how the things progresses between the two parties.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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