Alexa Bliss on NXT’s move to USA Network, the NXT stars that have caught her eye

NXT is set to take a huge step with its shift to USA Network as a 2-hour weekly program. Clearly outgrowing its initial purpose of hosting the development talent, the brand is now an integral part of the company. Alexa Bliss, who started off from the yellow brand spoke about its move to the new network and more in an interview with TV Insider.



Bliss claimed that she is excited for NXT’s switch to USA Network and feels that it might give the world a whole new perception of the talent present. She said:

“There are over a 100 talents that are there,” she said. “A lot of people we don’t see because NXT is a shorter show. You only see three or four matches per show. If you’re not featured, you’re not going to be on there for a while. I think the show being extended on a bigger stage, it gives the world a view of NXT talent they may have not had before.”

The Money In The Bank winner revealed Bianca Belair and The Forgotten Sons as some of the most promising talents on the roster. She particularly praised Belair for her charisma and athleticism. She added:

“Bianca [Blair] is athletic and has a ton of charisma,” Bliss said. “I think she is really talented I watched the last TakeOver she was in, and it was incredible. The Forgotten Sons also have a special place in my heart because of Blake, who is one of the most talented people they have in NXT. I really hope NXT going to the USA Network helps showcase that. All three in that group are great. I like to see people who didn’t get more opportunities before get an opportunity.”

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