Alexa Bliss Painful Photo Of Face Revealed

WWE star Alexa Bliss is currently away from in-ring action due to pregnancy. She also had a bout with skin cancer and she revealed a scar on social media.



In a shocking revelation, Bliss disclosed that she had been battling Basal Cell Carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. She won the epic battle and displayed her stitches as badges of honor.

She took to her Instagram story, pulling no punches, and dropped a bombshell by sharing a photo of her battle-scar. But she didn’t stop there; she went on to ask her fans for recommendations on the best scar cream out there!

“Need a good scar cream? Any recommendations??”

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Alexa Bliss also recently revealed her Halloween look. She looked amazing in a full-body skeleton costume, complete with a baby skeleton inside her womb, as she posted on Instagram. The baby skeleton also had a pink bow, because Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are expecting a daughter, which they plan to name Hendrix Rouge Cabrera.

Meanwhile, during an interview with The Messenger, ‘The Goddess’ asserted that her sabbatical from WWE will allow fans to miss her and also help her reinvent her character:

“Time away and reinventing a character, and evolving yourself is the key to career longevity at WWE. So I always say time away is such a good thing because it gives people the time to miss you. When you’re being seen on WWE [TV] three or four times an episode, you don’t really have anywhere to go with your character. So whenever you take time off, it’s always a good time to evolve and to keep going.”

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