Alexa Bliss Reveals Vince’s Offer After Pregnancy

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera were taken by surprise when they received some life-changing news. Just days before the highly anticipated event, the couple joyfully announced that they were expecting their first child. In an exclusive interview with The Messenger, Bliss and Cabrera revealed the details of their pregnancy journey, including the unexpected nature of the news, their initial reactions, and the adjustments they’ve made in their lives.



Bliss candidly shared that the pregnancy came as a shock since they weren’t actively trying to conceive. It was only when she experienced severe cramping that she decided to take a pregnancy test as a precautionary measure. To their amazement, the test confirmed their suspicions, and Bliss exclaimed, “Oh s—t!” It was a moment of mixed emotions, but Cabrera emphasized that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Having always wanted children, the couple had previously discussed the topic and eagerly anticipated starting a family. However, they hadn’t settled on the right time due to various factors. As fate would have it, the universe had its own plans, and Bliss’s pregnancy happened unexpectedly. Despite the initial shock, they quickly realized that this was an amazing opportunity. Cabrera expressed gratitude for the timing, saying, “This is actually a great time for us.” Having been married for just a year, they relished the chance to further bond and enjoy each other’s company before embarking on the adventure of parenthood.

Bliss, who had temporarily taken time off from WWE to participate in The Masked Singer, found the pregnancy to align perfectly with her professional commitments. It provided her with the chance to fully immerse herself in the show’s preparations while giving her the opportunity to renegotiate her wrestling contract. With WWE extending her contract, Bliss could focus on her pregnancy journey and plan her return to the ring. She mentioned that about a month after giving birth, she would start easing back into training and preparing for her comeback.

“I was preparing for my return in the ring and I was just having really bad cramping. I thought that was weird,” Bliss recalled on Wednesday. “So then I just decided to take a test and then I think I said, ‘Oh s—t.'”

“We always talked about that we were definitely going to have kids and we both have wanted kids. We just didn’t know what the right time was with everything,” he shared. “And then it just accidentally happened. At first we were both like, ‘Uh oh, what are we going to do?'”

WWE gave me time off for [Masked Singer] to kind of fully dive into that experience with rehearsals, vocal lessons, and all that stuff. Storyline-wise, I was not on TV anyway, so it really kind of worked out perfectly,” Bliss said. “[WWE] extended my contract, and so it’s just basically come back when I’m ready. Probably a month after the baby, I’ll start probably getting back into the gym, and getting ready for to see what my in-ring return looks like.”


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