Alexa Bliss Scorching New Years Party Photo Leaks

WWE star Alexa Bliss recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture celebrating New Year with a party.



Alexa Bliss failed to win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

On the latest edition of Monday Night RAW, Bliss challenged Bianca Belair for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. During their match, Little Miss Bliss snapped and attacked the referee after Bray Wyatt’s logo flashed on the titantron. She then hit The EST of WWE with multiple DDTs on the base of the steel steps, leaving the latter with a bloodied face. Few weeks back, Bliss had earned the the RAW Women’s Title shot after becoming the number one contender. However, the match ended in a disqualification this week, and during Alexa’s backstage promo, she made it clear that she still wants the title. This means we could see another title match between the two stars.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently talked about Belair getting busted open. Speaking on this week’s Legion of RAW, Vince Russo stated that he was very impressed with Bianca Belair getting busted open, but he thinks that there should’ve been a proper follow-up on her condition after the segment.

“I was very very very happy that Bianca Belair got messed up bro, that shot into the stairs, she could have took that corner right in her eye. I think that’s what cut her, I think she kinda took it and it cut her. But my point is they send Montez Ford down there, which was great. Bro this is your champion, we don’t follow up on her condition for the whole rest of the show? This is a champion, nobody is going to look at her like a champion unless you treat her like a champion. The stretcher is coming out, her husband is going down there; that is not important to follow up on for the entire rest of the show? When I say you don’t have a clue of how to write a television show, that is what I’m speaking about,” said Russo.

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