Alexa Bliss Shakes Behind In Concert Photos

Alexa Bliss shaked her behind and danced along to a concert in new Instagram story photos, as seen below.



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Alexa Bliss is nowhere to be found on Raw or Smackdown, but WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet will be defending his title against Angel and Humberto on the go-home edition of Friday Night Smackdown at the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 38 premium live event. WWE fans often like to try and build their schedule when it comes to getting autographs from their favorite WWE Superstars.

For many WWE Superstars, this is not respecting their boundaries and it is considered a very bad thing. Ricochet recently took to Twitter and revealed that he will not be giving autographs to fans who wait for him at the airport or in hotel lobbies.

“Let me be clear.

If you and a group of people are waiting in the lobby of my hotel, or in the check-in area at the airport at 4-5 am (sometimes earlier) in the morning, to ask for multiple autographs, is such an invasion of privacy.

I will be the FIRST person to say no.

However, If you happen to see me out & about somewhere please come say hi & chat! I love interacting, just don’t wait in the lobby of where we are staying. Don’t wait & hoard us in the check-in areas at the airport etc. Treat us with respect and respect is what you will receive.”

Vince McMahon has been WWE Chairman since 1982 when he bought WWE from his father Vince Sr and his partners. McMahon saw quite a few changes in his company over the last few decades on top of that. All through that, the WWE Chairman continued to adapt to the changing times. However, many fans now feel that he is out of touch and simply has no idea what is good for a WWE Superstar and their growth. The WWE Chairman is larger than life in many ways and he also has his oddities and problems as well

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