Alexa Bliss Shows Abs In Scorching Video

The former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently took to her social media account and posted a video clip from TikTok in which she did the TikTok clothes change transition and asked, “Am I a Tik Toker yet?” 



Alexa Bliss does the transformation

She has over 194,000 followers on that platform and has yet to become officially verified. Her TikTok following is only a fraction of her Instagram following, where she currently boasts over 5.9 million followers. The quick video clip featured Armani White’s catchy Billie Eilish song, with Alexa wearing a seriously casual look, featuring no makeup, her hair up and unstyled, and a sports bra along with baggy green sweatpants.

While holding a black hooded sweatshirt, she flashed a peace sign at the camera before bringing the hoodie up near her face and slamming it down to the ground. Instantly, she then made a stunning transformation with her new look featuring her hair uniquely styled with those long blond locks featuring pink streaks.

She’s changed into a pair of sleek leather pants and a spiked leather jacket with a flashy pink, white, and black t-shirt underneath. With her transformation complete, Bliss leans towards the camera with a hand resting on one leg and her chin on her other hand to pose with a grin.

Bliss is reportedly set to undergo a character change again. According to a new report by Xero News, Alexa Bliss is again set to have a character change. The report adds that WWE is again planning to give her “a darker persona.”

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