Alexa Bliss Stalker ‘Hacked Emails’ Claim Revealed

A series of new tweets from Alexa Bliss’ Twitter stalker have surfaced. He wrote: “It’s Almost time Alexa Bliss, I’m ready for you. #WWERAW”



“Alexa Bliss, I love you so much baby, I don’t what I would do without you coming into my life.”

“Where the Hell is Alexa Bliss, I’m waiting to see what she is wearing tonight. Hey everyone, my name is Albert Little so trying again, you lose I win.”

“Someone tried to hack my email address I don’t know why y’all so jealous of me and Alexa Bliss find your own wife.”

In the world of professional wrestling, women are always the most targeted by creeps of the testosterone driven male demographic. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to just start or end with Alexa Bliss.

This saga started as a few odd comments by a lonely basement dweller threating Ryan Cabrera’s life came to light. The “Bliss stalker” started by calling Ryan a “r*pist”. He then went on to eerily say Ryan would be “seeing angels soon”. The stalker has now turned this into a full blown cyber attack of comments. The comments left to Bliss are graphic, suggestive, and disgusting to say the very least.

Alexa Bliss originally posted a photo of an accidental self-induced bloody lip she received while trying to eat a sandwich. While the photo was innocent enough, the vial commenter used this PG rated picture as fuel to start unloading his twisted fantasies and desires while also stating that he was waiting for more photos to be uploaded on Instagram to look at of Bliss.

As we reported earlier, Bliss has stated that authorities are involved, but we have yet to see any legal action being taken thus far. This is an ongoing story and we hope justice is served and the perpetrator gets their due.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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