Alexa Bliss on Studying Rey and Sin Cara, Training Under Sara Del Rey, Eating Disorder, More



– In the videos above, Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald talks with WWE NXT Diva Alexa Bliss. Below are some highlights:

* She got into bodybuilding after transitioning from college cheerleading and it helped her deal with an eating disorder. She also gives advice to women dealing with eating disorders and says all women are beautiful in their own way.

* Bliss watched WWE her whole life with her family and sent a video into a Diva Search to get her tryout. She and her family cried when she got the call from WWE.

* She’s just over 5 feet tall and studied the moves of wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

* She praises NXT trainer Sara Amato (Sara Del Rey), saying she’s been there every step of the way and is always supportive.

* Bliss said her goal is to be a role model.

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