Alexa Bliss Stunned After Sasha Banks Insulted Boy

While Mercedes Mone has undoubtedly made significant strides in the world of professional wrestling, her interactions with fans have sometimes left a lot to be desired. Reports suggest that Mone’s demeanor has been perceived as standoffish and abrasive by some fans, with one instance revealing a discouraging encounter involving a young admirer.



During a recent signing event at New York Comic Con, a fan approached Mone and inquired about her departure from WWE, citing creative differences as the reason behind her exit. Mone’s response was characterized by a sharp and dismissive tone, indicating a lack of patience or willingness to engage with the fan’s curiosity.

Former WWE and ECW star Francine shed light on another unsettling incident involving Mone, where the wrestler purportedly rebuffed a young child who approached her at an airport, instructing them to “get away.” It was reported that Alexa Bliss, another WWE personality, intervened to console the disappointed child. Francine shared this anecdote during an episode of the Eyes Up Here podcast, indicating that such instances contribute to the negative perception surrounding Mone’s treatment of her fan base.

Despite acknowledging Mone’s undeniable talent and work ethic, Francine emphasized the need for the wrestler to cultivate a more amiable and approachable persona. Highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive rapport with fans, Francine suggested that fostering a more welcoming attitude could complement Mone’s undeniable skill set and contribute to a more positive overall image.

Somebody last weekend told me that their son went up to her (Mercedes Moné) at the airport, and this is a small kid, and she said, ‘Get away from me,’ and just kept walking, and Alexa Bliss apparently was behind her and said to the kid, ‘What did she just say to you?’ And the kid was like, ‘She told me to get away from her,’ and Alexa Bliss said, ‘Don’t worry about her. It’s okay.’ Like she was nice to the kid. This is what I heard from the father. So, you know, I hear that she can be snippy.

I’ve never met her. I think she’s a very, very talented worker. You know, she’s a good talent. But I hear a lot of negativity about the way she treats fans. You can’t take away the work ethic, but you need to work on your personality a little bit.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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