Alexa Bliss Suffers Accident Before SmackDown

The WWE’s answer to Hannah Montana / Billie Eilish, Alexa Bliss, was home for the first time in 20 days. Apparently, she was bloodied, and it didn’t have anything to do with Bray Wyatt and any strange demonic ceremony that the two may or may have typically engaged in during the bizarre time together. Could it have been result of the man mountain, Braun Strowman? Perhaps the mountain of rage accidentally pat her on the shoulder a little too hard.

According to, Alexa Bliss just can’t seem to catch a break. After losing her Uber account, there’s another incident that made her week far worse.

It started when the former Women’s Champion chose to visit her home after finding a window between her very busy schedule. It was her first time she had even made it home in over 20 days. Can you imagine, 20 days on the road, and sleeping in hotels. That’s exhausting just thinking about it.

It appears that Bliss’ schedule wasn’t as blissful as what her names suggests she is. It’s taken quite a toll on her small frame. Alexa tweeted about how she wished she wasn’t so prone to stress – a byproduct of pro wrestling.

Several hours into her home visit, Alexa uploaded a really jarring bloody picture of herself. According to Alexa, her puppies just couldn’t control their excitement after seeing her. Unfortunately, the puppies ended up splitting her lip in the process of showing their love and affection.



Oh well, it’s good to know how much a dog can truly love a woman.

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