Alexa Bliss vs. Randy Orton Fastlane Spoiler Rumor Leaks

Since we have not seen Bray Wyatt or The Fiend character of his for some time, the entire storyline triangle that Randy, Bray, and Alexa are involved in has now fallen on only Randy and Alexa. What could WWE possibly do to make this trail continue forward without any bumps on the tracks? Alexa Bliss Reacts To Randy Orton ‘Disrespect’.



Recently, the betting odds for most the WWE Fastlane pay-per-view event have been released. As to be expected from WWE and their writing staff, the card for the show that takes place this Sunday is still sort-of in limbo, but sort of complete.

The only title change that is expected as of now is the Intercontinental Championship, which would make Apollo Crews the new champion. Roman Reigns is, of course, a favorite pick to retain the Universal Title over Daniel Bryan as it seems like Reigns will never stop being a champion of some sort.

Alexa Bliss is actually the big favorite to beat Randy Orton in a match as well. This makes sense as WWE has been going harder and harder at ensuring that women get their rightful spotlight in WWE programming. It should also be noted that The Fiend is rumored to make his return this weekend as well. Bray Wyatt Rumored WWE Return Date Revealed.

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