Alexa Bliss ‘Wedding Proposal’ Photo Leaks

Alexa Bliss is now one of the main staples on WWE Raw as she teamed up with The Fiend to wreck havoc on Randy Orton and the women’s roster. Now that Alexa Bliss is by herself and The Fiend is seemingly out of the picture, we get to take a deeper dive into Alexa Bliss’ backstory and life. Alexa Bliss & Bray Wyatt ‘Marriage’ Claim Leaks.



Alexa Bliss took to her Instagram story to showcase her love for her significant other, Ryan recently. In the story that was posted, Bliss is noted by saying “We’re making a time capsule” as she shows cute photos of herself and Ryan including the very moment that she was proposed to.

To add to the wonderful story posted by Bliss in her Instagram stories, Bliss also shared a heartfelt moment from 4/20 as she showed a photo of Ryan taking a photo of her taking a photo of him and then showing the polaroid that was taken earlier by Ryan of Bliss.

Bliss captioned her post on her Instagram with: “HE GOES … “Lemme take a picture of your aura right now because it’s $h*tting on me” 😂…. here’s my aura”

It’s great to see Alexa so happy with her path in and out of the ring.

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