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Alexander Wolfe suffers legitimate Knock Out in match against Undisputed Era

As seen on NXT’s Worlds Collide event, the Undisputed Era went up against NXT UK’s Imperium in an eight-man tag team match. The match was eventually won by Imperium but at a great cost.

During the match, Imperium member Alexander Wolfe took a kick to the face by Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish. Fish expected Wolfe to get back up but he didn’t and the referee went in to check on him.

Upon inspection, the referee asked Fish to stand back and threw up the “X” sign. Wolfe couldn’t continue further and it looked like things weren’t good.

Wolfe was then taken out of the match and didn’t return back.

Wolfe could have suffered a potential injury but it has not been confirmed yet. Stay tuned for more updates on Wolfe’s injury status.

  • rob

    Well,that is the stupid “Strong Style” these talentless guys like to use instead of actually wrestle, kicks kicks and kicks, and canĀ“t even do that right

  • Noah Cadwell

    I noticed also after that, Imperium, notably Walter, were getting stiff with Undisputed Era. Also I don’t think this feud is far from done. Wolfe is gonna want some payback. What I wouldn’t mind seeing is something like a team fight in several styles, singles, tag, belt for belt, things of that nature.