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ALL IN wrestling show to take place in Chicago

Bullet Club All In event WWE

Since late 2017, NJPW and ROH star Cody has been promoting a show called “ALL IN,” an independent booked event that looks to fill 10,000 seats. The idea came to fruition after Dave Meltzer stated that an independent show could never fill 10,000 seats.

When asked if a wrestling organization that isn’t WWE could successfully fill 10,000 in the US, Dave Meltzer replied, “Not anytime soon.” Cody took this personally and has made it his goal to prove Meltzer wrong in 2018.

The son of a son of a plumber has already brought in a handful of names for the show, with competitors tweeting #ALLIN. Recently, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, along with other Bullet Club members like Hangman Paige and Marty Scurll. One of Cody’s rivals from his time as Stardust, Stephen Amell, will also be appearing at the event. Tessa Blanchard is also scheduled to appear.

Recently, Cody revealed on Twitter that the official date for All In is September 1, while the location will be revealed on the latest episode of Being The Elite, the YouTube series chronicling the lives of the Bullet Club. However, the location is heavily rumored to be in Chicago, with multiple sources claiming that the event will take place “in or around Chicago.”

You can follow news about the upcoming event through the recently created twitter handle @ALL_IN-2018.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s adorable

  • rob

    The only famous person on that poster

  • CC

    Same rumour that has been circling for a while now, pretty much ever since CM Punk started trolling Twitter leaving misleading tweets that did not actually relate to this show.
    The topic of this news story is the typical bullshit clickbait headlines this website is becoming known for.

  • CC

    You need to watch some wrestling other than WWE dude. The Bulletclub are one of the biggest factions in wrestling right now.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Stephen Amell is the only person I know. No idea who the others are.

  • pitfallharry219

    So it hasn’t been confirmed, but you’re reporting it as fact?