Amanda Nunes Video With Wife ‘Angers’ UFC Fans

Reigning UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight champion Amanda Nunes and her wife Nina were interviewed for a special Pride Q&A by ESPN MMA. However, the interview clip has gathered a great deal of controversy in the short time that it has been uploaded. Although, it should be noted that much of the controversy had nothing to do with them, though there were some offensive insults about their marriage we will not mention. This former UFC star was caught using steroids recently.



According to fans and those that watched the video in particular – many were turned off by the soft-spoken sound quality and many in the comments section have stated numerous remarks regarding the video’s jarring sound.

The video, which is also noted for having a strong high/dislike rate also has many commenters stating how much they currently miss Ariel Helwani, who was ESPN’s old MMA reporter. Helwani, who was at ESPN for three years covering the world of mixed martial arts just recently quit his position earlier this month.

Over on YouTube, fellow commenters were having a field day in the comments section about the video itself. One commenter by the name of Jake the Snake commented on YouTube, “This was the worst audio in the history interviews.” While Custard Tsunami wrote, “This is why you ALWAYS do a sound check people.” Another user named Taylor Combs commented, “Is this what Ariel [Helwani[ leaving did to this channel?”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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