Anderson Silva Drops Conor McGregor Girlfriend Bombshell

Conor McGregor infamously broke his leg and ankle during his highly-hyped matchup against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Now one fellow UFC icon, Anderson Silva, is giving Conor McGregor some advice on where to go from here on his road to recovery. Silva knows a lot of about what McGregor is going through as well as he broke his tibia in a high-profile fight against Chris Weidman several years back. Conor McGregor recently exposed this Brock Lesnar lie.



Silva made the following remarks the following remarks during an interview with Submission radio. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below.

“I think for Conor right now, it’s about taking time, continuing to work, continuing to do the physiotherapy, continuing to work the upper body and take mind outside the fight game. Keep the focus on your girlfriend and don’t think about you go fight tomorrow or in six months. Just recover the body. Stay ready and prepare your mind,” Anderson Silva said.

Silva continued: “Well, it’s tough when you are training at this level it’s very tough. When you prepare your mind and your body for a fight at this level, the same level Conor fights, same level of the guys fighting Weidman you know? It’s tough [but] everything is possible because it’s a fight. You don’t go to joke in this game, you go to war, and everything is possible,” Silva said.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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