Anderson Silva Son Was Humiliated By UFC Star

Chael Sonnen’s feud with Anderson Silva is a huge highlight in his career as one of the most iconic rivalries in the UFC organization. A decade later, Sonnen buried the hatchet with Silva’s son after the insulting comments he had made in the past.



The pair later met at the Paul vs. Silva press conference where Sonnen was performing the hosting duties. Sonnen recalled a press conference between him and Silva where the American was backstage with the Brazilian’s kids. Sonnen stated that he could not pluck up the courage to clean the slate with the former UFC middleweight champion’s kids.

He said: “I was very inclined to go over and get down on a knee, eye-to-eye, shake their hands and say to them, ‘I don’t think you’re gonna understand this right now. But your father and I as opponents were also in business together.’

Chael Sonnen then got the opportunity to narrate the whole incident and bury the hatchet with Anderson Silva’s kids at the Paul vs. Silva press conference:

He opened up about it saying: “I did get to shake his hand. I did get to wish him well. I follow his career. I follow his brother’s career.”

Anderson Siva’s sons Kalyl and Gabriel have followed their father’s path to become fighters as well. ‘The Spider’ has his next boxing assignment set against YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul at the Glendale Arena in Glendale, Arizona, on October 29th, which, everyone is ready to witness happen in real time.

We will have to see how this pans out, but it looks like it will be one heck of a fight for everyone involved. As of now, it should go without saying that Paul is currently not the favorite to win the match as we head into it in the upcoming weeks.

Dustin Schumacher
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