Anderson Silva Trying To Fight Georges St-Pierre In Video

There may be something brewing with Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva. Could this lead to Anderson coming out of retirement for more than just one fight against Jake Paul?



Anderson was asked in a press conference about possibly locking down a fight between Georges St-Pierre after the fight with Jake Paul. In typical fashion, Anderson was incredibly kind about the question. In his answer, he seemed excited that it could be a possibility, but also, he did state that Georges contract is up.

With his contract being up, this can be a good thing though. This would mean that St-Pierre can do things outside of the UFC. Check out the complete response below.

While we certainly would love to see the two go at it, it kind of feels like it may be more of a far-fetched idea since Silva has made it very clear that this will be his final run inside of a ring of any kind. Jake Paul and Anderson Silva are both looking forward to the fight and truly, it will be one that will be talked about for a long time to come.

It will be hard to match the same hype in a next fight since this is supposed to be the final run that we see of Anderson Silva. All of that said, if anyone is going to bring Anderson out of retirement once more, certainly it could be St-Pierre as both fighters are legendary in the fighting business and fans would certainly be more than open to the idea of both going at one another even if only for one night.

We will have to see what comes next as we wait for anymore press to come out. While we await that, we also have breaking news between Jake and Anderson. Jake has just offered a bet to Anderson. In his own words, Jake said if he (Jake) loses, that he will fight Anderson in a kick boxing match. If Anderson loses, he must help Jake create a foundation for fighters to get better healthcare and pay.

A very different move from Paul indeed.

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