Andrade Reacts To Fan Saying ‘Charlotte Looks Like Man’

Former NXT champion, Andrade had some heated words for whoever said this to his fiancé, Charlotte.



Charlotte tweeted out what looks like an inspirational meme that states “A dude told me I look like a man. I told him, if he lifted like me, he could too.”

The tweet blew up with over 15,000 total reactions until Andrade stepped in to stoke the fire even more-so. Andrade re-tweeted Charlotte’s tweet and said “Who told you!!!”

Andrade’s anger then blew up the tweet even more gaining his post of the tweet about 3,000 likes. Andrade seems very protective over his fiancé especially when it comes to her looks or the way she may be treated by others.

I’m not sure if Andrade realizes that this was most likely just a fitness inspirational post that Charlotte was using as motivation for the day. Let’s hope Andrade didn’t take this as literal as he made it seem on Twitter.


Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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