Andrade Reveals Why He Failed WWE Drug Test

Lucha Blog on Twitter recapped Andrade speaking to the media about his WWE departure, and he discussed his failed drug test. Andrade’s stunning WWE paycheck was also revealed.



Andrade explain he got Lasik eye surgery in November. When he was in CMLL, the longest he went without wrestling was one month, so being out and then not being used for four months was a uncomfortable.

That made his decision quick to leave; he’s got offers to wrestle everywhere in the world now.

He’s like to use the name Andrade going forward, but he’s not specific and he knows a lot of people still want to call him La Sombra. He notes he owns the name to Sombra in the US, CMLL in Mexico, and he doesn’t seem particular on the name.

Andrade clarifies he was not being paid three million dollars per year. He could earn millions over the lifetime of the contract

Andrade’s asked if he would like to face Kenny Omega. He remembers being in a tournament in opposite block of Omega and never getting to face, but there’s talent in lots of places he would like to face including Omega.

@apolovaldes asks if Andrade would like to reunite with La Mascara or Rush as Los Ingobernables, or go it alone. Andrade says he’s open to either option, says he’s open to working with and has talked with various companies in Mexico but doesn’t want to sign a Mexico contract.

Andrade is in talks with several Mexican companies and mentions a new company starting up that wants Los Ingobernables with them. Says it’s tough since they all want to be his first time back in Mexico.

They asked him what the talent thinks about the wellness policy and their routine. Andrade says it’s a good thing but can also not be good, then re-tells the story about Charlotte. Says that the bigger problem is misinformation and miscommunication.

Andrade also seemed to blame his wellness violation on a tainted supplement, offered to bring it in to get it tested to prove it, but I guess it didn’t happen.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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