Andrew Tate Affair With Republican TV Host Leaks?

Zherka took to Twitter and claimed that Andrew Tate had an affair with Republican TV host Lauren Southern.



Wait Andrew Tate smashed Lauren Southern?


I guess he was comfortable since she never JQs either

In a passionate and defiant interview with BBC, controversial social media personality Andrew Tate has maintained his innocence in the face of accusations of organized crime and human trafficking. Speaking from his home in Romania, where he is currently under house arrest alongside his brother Tristan, the 36-year-old British-US citizen vehemently denied the charges against him and proclaimed himself to be a “force for good in the world” and a “positive influence.”

With an ongoing criminal investigation, Tate expressed unwavering confidence in his eventual acquittal. Asserting that he possessed a deep understanding of the case, having personally reviewed all the criminal files and evidence, he adamantly declared his innocence, claiming that the accusations against him were entirely fabricated. He firmly stated, “I’ve never hurt anybody,” and confidently proclaimed that he would never be found guilty of any wrongdoing.

However, Tate’s controversial online content has drawn criticism from various campaign groups and organizations, who argue that his views pose a danger to young men and contribute to the development of misogynistic attitudes. At the National Education Union’s annual conference, concerns were raised that Tate’s influence was negatively impacting the behavior of pupils. When confronted with these accusations, Tate expressed deep dismay, asserting that he genuinely believed in his positive impact on the world and vehemently denied being a negative influence.

I know the case better than you, I know it intimately and you don’t, I have seen all the criminal files and the evidence against me and you haven’t, I know the truth of what happened and you don’t.

“And I’m telling you absolutely and utterly, I’ve never hurt anybody, that the case that’s been put against me is completely and utterly fabricated and I’m never gonna be found guilty of anything.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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