Andrew Tate Assaults Four Women In Text Messages?

It has come to light that as many as four women are preparing to sue controversial figure Andrew Tate in England’s High Court — claiming he raped, controlled, and committed sexual violence against them over a four-year period.



As per Sunday Times the women claim that Tate abused them from 2013 to 2016, before his rise to public notoriety. The four claim that Tate choked them until blood vessels burst in their eyes, beat them with a belt, raped them numerous times and coercively controlled them.

One of these women is the accuser whose disturbing text messages and voice recordings from Tate were revealed months ago — including one voicemail in which he allegedly said, “I love raping you.”

The report says that three of Tate’s accusers went to the police at the time with their claims against him, but the Crown Prosecution Service did not bring a charge after a four-year investigation. Tate — a self-admitted “misogynist” who faces charges in Romania for human trafficking, sexual assault, and organized crime — denied the allegations and threatened to sue his accusers for defamation.

“We were forced to watch as Andrew was allowed to leave the country while still under investigation, and saw his fame and influence grow in the way that it did,” said one of Tate’s accusers. She and her fellow accusers say they will launch their civil suit against Tate in the coming weeks to sue him for personal injury and psychiatric harm.

From the Times:

The four women were “suffering immensely”, said Jennifer Sayles, a lawyer in the team. “They have bouts of depression and anxiety. Constant feelings of being overwhelmed. It is just traumatising every time Tate crops up in their lives — he is everywhere.”

“Evie”, 30, was a student when she met Tate, working as a doorman, on a night out in 2014. She says they were having consensual sex when he “strangled” her until she passed out, bursting the blood vessels in one eye. She did not report the incident to the police.

“Helen”, 29, was recruited by Tate as a webcam model in 2014, promised a glamorous lifestyle and good pay. She alleges that Tate isolated and monitored her and raped her many times. On one occasion, she said, he choked her so violently that the blood vessels in her eyes burst.

“Sally”, 28, was also employed by Tate’s webcam business, allegedly telling her “I own you” and “you belong to me”. She says she witnessed Tate raping Helen. Sally also claims that Tate regularly choked her, causing the blood vessels in her eyes to burst.

“Amelia”, 31, met Tate in 2009. Weeks into their relationship, which started in 2013, she says he raped her at his home in Luton. During the assault, she says he throttled her to the point she thought she would die. She claims he raped her a further four to five times, and sent her texts including: “I love raping you.”

Helen, Sally and Amelia all reported Tate to the police. While the case was investigated by Hertfordshire police, Tate appeared on Big Brother and travelled to Romania. The women say they were “kept in the dark” throughout the criminal investigation and “lived in a constant state of anxiety”.

One said: “For four years, we felt as though our case was a low priority to the police and that we didn’t matter. Unfortunately, this experience has caused us to lose all respect for the police.”

The CPS decided not to pursue a charge in 2019, concluding there was no prospect of conviction.

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