Andrew Tate Drops Khabib Dating Bombshell

The former-kickboxer Andrew Tate recently outlined the reason why the former UFC Double Champion Conor McGregor had lost the highly-anticipated bout of UFC against the undefeated Russian legend Khabib Nurmagomedov.



In a video clip, ‘The Cobra’ noted the differences between the mindset of ‘The Eagle’ and ‘The Notorious’ before the fight. According to the Internet sensation, The Irishman was not as dedicated to win the fight as Khabib was.

Andrew Tate outlines the reason for Conor McGregor loss

According to Tate, the Dagestani is a strict Muslim and his belief in the power of Allah and training assisted him in stopping McGregor.Tate believes Khabib doesn’t have anything in the name of distraction. He never visits clubs, has no interest in girls, and has no interest in spending millions of dollars that he earns. Tate believes that it is hard to compete with a guy who is so focused and dedicated to his art like Khabib.

On the other hand, Tate emphasized McGregor’s errors that he made before facing Khabib. The two-time UFC champ was busy in promoting his newly launched whiskey, Proper 12. Though he trained his best, the fight is not all about training. In Tate’s opinion, the fight is about depth, that depth was there in Khabib.

“Nothing else crossed Khabib’s mind but whooping Conor’s a*s. Conor was talking, thinking about 12 what’s it called f*king whatever something 12. Proper 12 contracts and those ti**ies on that chick. Yeah, she had some nice ti**ies okay time to train okay now back to ti**ies. It doesn’t work that way”, Tate said.

According to Tate, Khabib was solely focused on beating McGregor, while McGregor was distracted with the promotion of his whisky brand “Proper 12”.


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