Andrew Tate Instagram DM’s To Joe Rogan Leak

Joe Rogan is no stranger to criticism. The critical UFC commentator thinks that Tate‘s message went the misogynistic line. It’s this that has caused trouble for him. Joe said that with a mass following on Tiktok and Instagram, Tate was influential, but going out of line caused problems for him.



Joe knows what happens when you get different views from the public. He has been on the receiving end of some polarizing reviews from the people. Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe said that Tate is a great person. He is a kickboxer. He wouldn’t take p***y bulls**t. It’s what resonated with the fans, especially the young people, or the youth as we call it. People had concerns as kids were listening to him, and he is big on TikTok.

Joe thinks that if Tate would have done his work as pro-male stuff and pro-accountability, pro-discipline stuff, then things would have been ok. Joe thinks that him hitting a girl in a video was wrong. It hit things in the wrong direction. 

Joe clarified that he doesn’t agree with most of Tate’s opinions, but during an episode of his Spotify-exclusive show with Andrew Schulz, he talked about how the kids these days are soft and lack that masculinity.

We cannot affirm if anything Joe said is right or wrong, because he is open to an opinion as is the reader of this article. These are Joe’s responses to how things have happened in the current times.

Andrew Tate has responded, saying he hopes to go one Joe Rogan’s show soon, and was exchanging DM’s with him on Instagram before being banned.

Do you agree with Joe Rogan’s thoughts? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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