Andrew Tate & Mike Tyson Legal Rumor Revealed

Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group, according to Reuters. According to several reports, a pizza box helped cops narrow in on Tate’s location. Tate had posted a video clip of himself in a Versace robe, smoking a cigar, while an off-camera person hands him two boxes of Jerry’s Pizza, a popular Romanian chain.



It has been noted that his arrest, merely a day after posting the video, could have been due to the pizza boxes, reported 9News. The report stated that the boxes may have helped the Romanian police zero in on his location. The authorities reportedly used the video “as proof he was in the country”, stated a report in The Independent.

In the video a pizza box was visible, which had the name of the company that had made and delivered the Italian delicacy.


Tate remains in custody after a Romanian court last month denied his appeal of a judge’s decision to hold him for 30 days, citing the “possibility of them evading investigations,” according to the Associated Press.

As he awaits his trial, Cobra feels confident in his defense with the addition of renowned attorney Tina Glandian to his legal team. Glandian, who has a track record of representing high-profile clients such as Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown, is expected to bring a level of expertise to the case.

Following the news of her taking on the case, Tina Glandian gave an interview with Piers Morgan, during which she labeled Andrew Tate and his brother’s detainment as an “injustice”:

“They’ve had this investigation going on since April [2022]. It’s now February. There are not even charges filed against them. This is a huge injustice the way we see it, they should not be detained at this point. We think it’s now crossed the point where it’s violating international human rights law… I think there’s absolutely no evidence that’s been presented. That’s our position.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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