Andrew Tate Posts Goodbye Video After Health Problem

Andrew Tate recently put leverage on messages from Paddy Pimblett and Tyson Fury about men’s mental health to defend his presence on social media.



Andrew Tate takes a stance against his social media ban

The controversial former kickboxer was suspended from social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and video streaming service YouTube in recent days, largely due to his views on women.

Last night Tate was defended by potential boxing rival Jake Paul on social media who believes he should have “freedom of speech” and released the star’s final message on his social media pages.

In the video clip, Tate went on to shed light on different elements of his time in the limelight in addition to what his future holds after his accounts were suspended. Tate went on to claim that his role in the limelight was positive because he helped encourage men to be strong rather than talk about their problems.

“Public consciousness via the media has bought into a construct when some people believe I am dangerous,” he said.

“All I have done is save people from depression, we talk about men’s mental health like when Paddy Pimblett fought who said men should come forward.”

The video clip shows an emotional speech from Pimblett who spoke up on men’s mental health after recently losing his friend Ricky who tragically took his own life before his UFC London victory. It also shows a brief clip of WBC heavyweight champion Fury talking about his own battle with mental health problems which saw him forced to abandon his heavyweight career before making an epic comeback, with Tate alluding to his own mental health issues. Tate then continues:

“Everyone says men you should talk to us and talk more, I try and encourage men to be strong and I say ‘listen if you are depressed you need to get in the gym’. I use my lifestyle which is aspirational to most men because of the finance, I encourage people to work hard and become the best version of themselves.”

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